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Litigation Driving Demand

As our nation enters its 10th week of Covid-19 shutdown and BigLaw continues to take action to preserve cash flow, many firms are also investing in talent to support practices that are in strong demand.  While real estate, corporate, M&A, and tax have, in most firms, grinded to a halt, litigation is definitely up.  We are watching closely to prepare…

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Trends Influencing Client Demand for Legal Work

In our last post, we promised to explore some of the practices we believe will be in higher demand later this year. Bankruptcy litigation and Restructuring. This may seem obvious.  Businesses will fail and will need to restructure. M&A lawyers who are prepared for the counter-cyclical nature of these two lines of business will pivot quickly. Lawyers with bankruptcy expertise…

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NOT The Time to Quarantine Search Plans

There is no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic will have profound and lasting effects on all sectors of our economy, including the legal industry.  Law firm leaders continue to grapple with the challenges of basic functions and financial viability. Recent news reports describe the actions many firms are taking to preserve cash flow. Be it delayed or reduced partnership draws, layoffs…

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