The Year of Antitrust

2020 may forever be the year of Coronavirus but from a legal recruiting standpoint I’m calling it the year of Antitrust (which will extend well in 2021).  Maybe I’m biased as a former Antitrust lawyer, but I have never seen Antitrust so hot.  And if it had been this busy when I was an associate, I’d probably still be at WilmerHale in DC doing 2nd request work.  The surge in Antitrust comes from several sources including the DOJ’s enforcement case against Google, the House’s investigation of Big Tech, numerous cartel investigations (chickens and turkeys oh my!) and plenty of blockbuster civil cases (I know my kids are obsessed with Apple vs. Fortnite).

Here at Zenith Legal, we specialize in Antitrust.  My background in Antitrust gives me a special love of the practice and expertise when representing Antitrust lawyers, whether they are from DOJ/FTC or from law firms.  I have placed multiple partners and associates in Antitrust, including some very recently, and continue to actively practice in this area.  We are very familiar with all of the law firm Antitrust practices nationwide (especially DC and NYC) at Zenith Legal.  If you are an Antitrust lawyer considering a move, please reach out.

Mason Kalfus 

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